House of Elves, Measurement 10:1

I brought the internal image of the House of Elves with me from the desert. I sat there in a rock which contained a small natural cave and felt happy and secure in it. The picture of the House of Elves grew in my heart - and I only had to transform it into an act... I worked it from white Greek marble, which has various types of veins in it and appears very transparent because of its large crystals. A lively lightly-transparent form came about, whose outer form reminds one of a horn or a dwarf's hat. I left a large part of the natural orange-coloured outer skin of the marble, whereby the impression is given that the House of Elves grew like that by itself. Almost in the middle of the front is the small egg-shaped entrance into the House of Elves, inviting with soft lively forms, shaped like the whole sculpture. Its small brightly-radiating inner space offers just enough space for a person. As if grown into it, there is inside a small ledge for the diverse important utensils of an elf. This piece has been created directly from the heart and it can be seen in the reactions of the observers, that they also understand it directly with their hearts.

Greek marble, 2000
195 x 130 x 75 cm